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2007 MRFA/9th InfDiv Reunion Golf Outing

Chipping Out for the River
Golf at the MRFA & 9thInfDiv Reunion
AUGUST 31, 2007

Friday morning, August 31, 2007 at the Winding River Golf Course, Indianapolis, Indiana is being set for the time and place for our first organized golf event. 

All members, and guests, are invited to join us on Friday morning, August 31st at the Winding River Golf Course on 8400 South Mann Road, (highway 31south) (317-856--7257) for 18 holes of golf. 

The event should take about 5 hours and have us back at the Adams Mark Hotel in plenty of time for other reunion planned events. A shuttle service can be arranged, for a small fee, from the Adams Mark Hotel, to and from the course. The shuttle can hold up to 12 people at a time and the current price per shuttle is $50.00, divided 12 ways, that is a good deal. 

Teams, (foursomes) will be randomly drawn at the hotel, before the event, and you can sign up at registration. If at all possible, the teams will be made up of two players from each branch of the service. A point system will determine the winning branch of service, Army/Navy, at the end of play, that day, with the winners to be announced at the reunion. 

The course is very reasonable in price to play. Currently, 18 holes of golf, without a cart, is just $18.00. Food and drinks, at the turn, can be arranged, but that will depend on how many players sign up in advance to play, and want that service. There is no registration fee and the tournament is open to all levels of players. Since it is a public course, and we will be somewhat limited in our time, it is advisable that players have some experience at playing, all "Duffers" are welcome. 

Friday, August 31st will be a full day of events and should be fun, for all of us, at the reunion. Who said, "golf was just for old guys"? (McCann, 1978) 

Please let me know if you want to play and if you would be interested in burgers and a beverage, for lunch. 

Contacts for the event are: 

David G. McCann M-6, bdalmcc@bresnan.net (406) 442-8168
Orville L. Daley USS Askari LECOWBOY@aol.com

Our Tee Times will depend on how many members we have playing. We are hoping for at least 50 players to show interest in the event so we can reserve time at the course. If less than 50 member's show interest, we will still golf at Winding River on Friday morning, August 31st. Currently, our Tee Times, will be between 0900 and 1000 hrs. 

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