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2007 MRFA/9th InfDiv Reunion

at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Indianapolis, IN


As some of you may know we will not be using the Drawbridge Inn at Fort Mitchell, Kentucky for our future reunions.

Some of you may go back as far as 1994-95 when we had reunions at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. Our first time in Louisville in 1994 was what we called a "Gathering of the Troops". The association had no registration fee, no meals, no dance etc.

We did the same thing in 1996 at the Drawbridge Inn and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. It was a way to introduce the membership to the hotel and surrounding area. 

A few of your officers and board members visited the Adam's Mark Hotel a few months back and thought it would be a great place for a Gathering of Troops in 2006 and a Reunion in 2007. We will have a hospitality room with snacks and beverages and Bob may want to pump a few products. Again, there will be no registration fee, buffet or dance. If you live in the area and don't want to use the Adam's Mark Hotel that's your call. All Members and guest are welcome no matter where they stay. We just ask that you come and enjoy our new hotel and new city. I don't believe you will be disappointed.

Reunion 2007 Reunion Information

Location: Adamís Mark Hotel, 2544 Executive Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46241

When: Thursday August 30 until check-out on Sunday September 2.

Registration: Members can make reservations starting September 6, 2006. Room rates will be $79 a night. To make your own reservations, call the hotel at (317) 248-2481. Be sure to mention youíre making your reservations under the Mobile Riverine Force Association. For more information on the hotel, you may call Angela Jordan, Convention Service Manager (317) 381-6107 or Email ajordan@adamsmark.com

Website: http://www.adamsmark.com (Click on the Indianapolis Adamís Mark Hotel)

Hospitality Rooms:

If you want more info on booking an individual hospitality room, contact Angela Jordan, Convention Service Manager at: (317) 381-6107 or Email ajordan@adamsmark.com   If Angela is unavailable you may contact Reggie Vaughn Sales Manager (317) 381-6127 - rvaughn@adamsmark.com 

Shuttle: Adam's Mark offers a free airport shuttle service. Phone to hotel for shuttle at the bank of phones in the baggage area. They also have a free downtown shuttle daily. Scheduled times the shuttle will be leaving the hotel will be in the upcoming issues of the MRFA "River Currents" newsletter.

Map to the Adam's Mark Hotel

Schedule of Events

Registration: Starts at 9:30 am Thursday August 30th to 9:30 am Friday August 31st.

Large Hospitality Room: Snacks and Beverages - Open daily beginning at 9:30 am.

Products Sales: Held in the Large Hospitality Room beginning at 9:30 am daily.

Golf: First Bi-Annual MRFA Golf Tournament will be held at Winding River Golf Course on Friday Morning, August 31st. Click ** HERE ** for more details. Many thanks go out to Dave McCann (M-6) and Orville Daley (USS Askari) for setting up this first tournament. Let's join in and get as many out on the course as we can. !!!...ARMY VS NAVY...!!!

Dean Ayers "Pig Out": Friday August 31st @ 1700.

Guest Speakers: Will follow the "Pig Out". So far we have a commitment from Vice Admiral Emmett H. Tidd (USN Ret.). In May 1969, then Captain Tidd, reported as Chief of Staff and Aide to then Vice Admiral Zumwalt who was Commander United States Naval Forces, Vietnam and Chief, Naval Advisory Group, Military Assistant Command, Vietnam. Read more about Vice Admiral Tidd ** HERE **.

Memorial Service: Will be held at 9:00 am on September 1st.

From the Delta to the DMZ Dance: Complete with a D/J - September 1st - 20:00 till ??? 

Raffles: Daily

Additional Events: Will be published in future issues of "River Currents".

Indianapolis Convention Bureau: For more info on the Indianapolis, area, contact Paul Williams, Meeting and Sales Manager at the Indianapolis Convention and Visitorís Bureau by calling (800) 956-INDY or Email pwilliams@indianapolis.org, or visit www.indy.org.

Albert Moore - President (MRFA)
Roy Moseman - Vice President (MRFA)

The 2007 Reunion will feature Vice Admiral Emmett H. Tidd as guest speaker.  You can read more about Admiral Tidd on this page.

This year will also feature a Golf Outing on Friday, August 31, 2007.  More information about the golf outing can be found on this page.

Watch this page for more reunion information about the reunion including registration forms.

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